2013 BSL Act Campaign

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Deaf London is proud to support this this campaign. What we did: –

  • Provided strategic advice on campaign organisation and management
  • Organised a campaign event “Poke Your MP” in Camden Town Hall, London
  • Organised an expert panel of deaf academics to advise on a draft BSL Bill: Dr Paddy Ladd, John Walker, Dr Steve Emery, and several others. We briefed them and collated their feedback on drafts
  • Advised on how Private Members’ Bills are created and passed in Parliament. This was quite complicated and needed a lot of explaining, especially the limitations set on them by Parliament.
  • Co-wrote (with Lauren Harris) a draft BSL Bill, meeting the requirements set by Parliament.
  • Much of our draft was incorporated into the final Bill, which passed Parliament Legal Scrutiny and was laid before Parliament.
  • The Bill passed the first vote!
  • Time ran out for a second vote, but this was a huge milestone in the campaign
  • This is the only legislative document on BSL in the UK that has passed Parliamentary legal scrutiny.
  • We hope this Bill will be incorporated into future Government backed legislation. This has already happened to other minority interest legislative items that started as Private Bills.

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