BSL Manifestos

This is an archive of our Election 2015: BSL Manifestos page.

We have five videos: General Overview, Tax, Immigration, Welfare and Environment.

Each of the videos follow the same structure – you’ll see what the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, UKIP and the Green party had to say.

We were the only organisation to translate cross-Party manifestoes on the key issues: Policy Overview; Immigration; Welfare; Tax and Environment. Translation was provided by the ever-wonderful Ramon Woolfe.

Our videos  were viewed over 10,000 times via FaceBook, with a further 2,000 views via the DeafLondon website, and reached an estimated audience of approx 50,000 people via viewings at schools and deaf community centres.

Overall traffic to our website increased by 597% between January and May, and rose by a whopping 2,858% on the day the BSL manifestos were launched.

DeafLondon Team.

English transcript of all videos is here

General Overview





Encouraging you to get involved