Changes in legislation

Why/ What’s the need?: We think that the legislation we have in the UK is not enough to protect BSL and the rights of deaf people

What we are doing: We are joining the campaign for BSL to be added to the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages in the short-term and in the long-term we would like to see a BSL Act. We are working on drafting our own Act and when ready we will ask the deaf community for their feedback. We will continue to lobby the Government for a BSL Act and will be supporting any organisations who feel the same way we do.

How you can get involved: Over the next year we will be launching an online petition for a BSL Act and will be asking for signatures. You can share our information and attend our events to support us. Don’t forget to lobby your local MP to get behind the changes as well, and record your lobbying activity on SayWhat? when it is released later this year

Encouraging you to get involved