Changes in the way deaf children are educated

Why/ What’s the need?: We believe that the current education system is failing deaf children. We know it’s a radical opinion but we believe it to be a true one. We want to see a formal process of assessing a deaf child’s BSL skills, the establishment of a GCSE in BSL, a renewed focus on prioritising academic achievement over speech therapy, and the adoption of bilingual education that values the skills of deaf children in both English and BSL.

What we are doing: For some of the above, the work we want to do is already underway so we are supporting the organisations already involved (ie Signature’s campaign for a BSL GCSE) but for others we are working alone. Our BSL assessment proposal is going to take a lot of work and we realise that we may never achieve it – but that’s not going to stop us from trying! We are in the stage of drafting the first plan and collating research to support what we are trying to achieve. Next we will throw this open for organisations and individuals to comment on before seeking funding to progress.

How you can get involved: We are especially keen to hear from people who have experienced positive inclusive education, those who can show that bilingualism works, or from senior school staff and academic researchers in this field.

Encouraging you to get involved