Changes to Access to Work

Why/ What’s the need?: Firstly, we’d like to say that we think AtW is a great scheme that supports many people. However, we believe that some of the ongoing changes will have a negative effect on deaf people and we want DWP to realise that. We also want to see improvements made, for example the creation of clear, accessible guidelines for deaf people on what they need to do in order to get the best from AtW. We want these guidelines in plain English and in BSL.

What we are doing: We are supporting the work of Stop the Changes (you can find an article by Nicki Evans Stop the Changes to Access to Work March) and have written our own policy paper to support our cause. We will be sending this paper to our colleagues in government and asking the deaf community for their feedback.

How you can get involved: We want to know that what we have written is actually what the deaf community wants. You can read our paper and drop us an email/BSL video with your thoughts. If you agree with the paper and want to share it on social media then please do.

Encouraging you to get involved