DeafLondon at Deaf Academics 2015

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This week, DeafLondon attended DeafAcademics 2015, in Belgium – a wonderful gathering of the world’s top deaf Academics.

Almost two hundred people from around 40 countries were there – all deaf, almost all holding PhDs or Professorships or various other advanced degrees.

We saw amazing presentations on:

– The way forwards for deaf-led deaf education
– Deaf-led therapies for deaf mental health issues
– Ethnography, pedagogy and anthropology as performed by deaf researchers
– How deaf academics can move forwards with their careers

All the presentations were in International Sign, a lingua franca for the world deaf community.

This event was so useful to catch up on what’s new in deaf-led theory. We’re really looking forwards to seeing what comes out of this event. 10/10 would go again.

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